With temperatures on the rise, the months of March and April provide an excellent opportunity to complete service items you may have put off during the winter months. Cold temperatures and road salt can increase wear on various components necessary for safe driving near Philadelphia, such as brake pads or wiper blades. Continue reading to see our recommended service checklist for warmer weather, or contact our service center to schedule an appointment today.

Spring Maintenance Checklist

The best way to begin tackling leftover maintenance from winter is by having a multi-point inspection completed. Some automotive issues don't present themselves until the warmer summer months, which is why spring inspections can help you plan for future service appointments. As temperatures rise, drivers near Allentown should start conducting the following services to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

  • Tire Services such as rotations can help ensure your tires last longer by helping the tread wear evenly. If you currently have winter tires, it may be time to switch to your summer tire set before heading to Quakertown.
  • Oil Changes help keep your engine cool and lubricated. Some vehicles utilize different viscosity ratings to aid oil flow in cooler weather. Changing your oil frequently is a good practice to prevent unnecessary heat and friction.
  • Gaskets and Hoses made of rubber can dry and crack during the winter. It's best to have these inspected and replaced if they show signs of wear to prevent the failure of cooling components during hot summer days in Warrington.

We Care About You and Your Vehicle

The service team at Bergey's Kia is proud to offer various services for drivers near Lansdale, ranging from preventative maintenance to extensive repair work. We're here to help get you back on the road with parts and services you can trust. Feel free to schedule an appointment online or call our service center to speak with an advisor today.

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